Rick Snyder & Terri Lynn Land

Fuck them. Sorry if thats too brash. It’s the truth. Snyder is nothing more than a Union busting (Right to Work is not on “my agenda” despite passing it through lame duck), senior taxing, education cutting and middle class crushing politician. He’s brilliant though, and any Democrat that doubts this is just being ignorant or naive. We ran the angry mayor against him and lost miserably. Who are we running now? Mark Schauer, a man that grew up in the reddest of red areas. Enter Livingston County, the home of the Michigan KKK and Michigan Militia. He’s going after Snyder for all the aforementioned reasons and must win. Thats it. We know the differences between the candidates. Segway. Prop 1 repealing the Personal Property Tax passed. Great. So property businesses that has been taxed throughout the years wont be anymore! It sounds great on paper. But what really is it? Another tax break for conglomerate companies. Its nothing for the middle class or small business. Dont let those clever ads fool you, or their euphemistic funders name do the same. Local municipalities are going to lose money because large businesses are no longer providing the revenue they were.  This is going to hit every small town. You’re going to see and feel the distress. Those local Governments are going to hurting more, even after the Snyder adminstration cut revenue sharing. You think things are bad for local governments? Wait until Prop #1 kicks in.  W’re going to see the real […]

Glenn Beck on Art Reflecting “Fag is the New Nigger” (And an utter abuse of quotations)

The headlines by MediaMatters makes one hysterical but is spot on. Beck: “Thought Police” Prevent Me From Saying ‘Fag The New Nigger’ While listening to the interview we hear the thoughts of GOP pariah and an anonymous artist named “Sabo”. Mr. Sabo & Beck bring forth an idea that not being able to say “fag” or nigger” has created a Orwellian “Thought Police”. Sabo states that when he attended a prop 8 rally and heard homosexual men saying that progressives (forward thinking people – no political officialation needed)  came to the side of the African-American community during their fights for equal protection & opportunity. But when the LGBT community came under attack from “traditional americans” looking to preserve “traditional americans”, the AfAm community didnt rally behind them. Thus the some LGBT members brough the saying “Fag is the New Nigger”. I’m sure I dont need to explain further how the protest for rights based on race or sexual-orientation/identification somewhat mirror each other. Theyre both things we dont choose, and both are things that should have equal protection and opportunity under the law. The graphic says it all. Now. As for Beck and “Sabo”. Is being able to say “fag” and “nigger” true freedom? You’re using two words that are blatant pejoratives. Society is better than this. We dont see the inability to say these words as “thought police” or a restriction of freedom. It’s called not being an asshole, or a bigot, or a racist. People that dont use these words understand that. They are sane. […]

Who doesn’t the GOP hate?

Since his inauguration, President Obama has seen an unheard of amount of criticism and obstruction. This may be attributed to the evolution of what is now the ‘News Media’ running more than 24/7; always looking for the next thing to entertain with rather than educate its viewers.  The social media revolution, allowing for anyone and everyone to be apart of our political dialogue (for better or worse). Then again, he couldn’t do anything with him defeating McCain, Romney or being black. Republicans have done nothing since the financial collapse to benefit our society. Blocking jobs bill after jobs bill, attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act 40+ times, refusing to help our veterans, and blocking additional embassy funding even before Benghazi. They can’t remember if its Bergdahl or Benghazi today, Obamacare tomorrow, or whatever else the President does to whine about. But holding them or anyone else accountable for the financial collapse is anathema. So my question is, who, besides their wealthy donors and special interests do they side with? They’re still trying to destroy unions through ‘Right-to-Work’ legislation at the State level every chance they get. They refused to provide additional veterans benefits that would have created 27 new VA centers and given extra cash to our vets through Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) forced by the sequester and government shutdown they created. They continue to attack women by refusing to pass the Equal Pay Act and restricting women’s healthcare across the Country. They’re never going to get to […]